Service Payroll 2018 New

Price List Final

Start of day

  • Verify routes are in order.
  • Contact techs w/daily updates on revenue and Tech needs.
  • Ensure money from previous day has been collected.
  • Turn in DME w/week to date.
    • Revenue/inventory/hours/booking %/margins.
    • Due by 11AM.



  • Out bound calls on Needs ADDL Service queue.
  • Follow up w/repair techs for update on job statuses.
  • Perform any route consolidations needed based on jobs rolling.
  • Take LUNCH.
  • Send out quotes to customers and follow up with previous quotes submitted for approvals
  • Verify money has been collected.


End of Day

  • Verify routes are in order for remainder of the week/next week.
  • Consolidate routes as needed.
  • Follow up w/repair techs to verify collections or new bids.
  • Verify all money has been collected and PO #’s have been submitted.
  • Compile target revenue goal based on approved bids as well as potential quality of jobs left.


Background Noise

  • Keep a consistent eye on where your repair techs are and which jobs have been closed.
  • When a job is closed, quickly push to quick books and collect money.
  • In some cases you may have to contact tech and verify what was sold as well as close out/invoice the job.
  • Keep a track of who has checks and ensure they bring them to the office within 24hours.
  • Always monitor new jobs being added to your repair techs to ensure they are being booked in proper locations as well as provide ample information.EX: what the issue is, when they should be there, what the payment method is, and is the service call information/coupon information correct.
  • Report IMMEDIATELY if you suspect we do not have enough jobs and always look at ways to generate more of them.