Following up on a potential new weekly customer.



Informing a customer of a needed service call.



Responding to a warranty request by a customer



Dial for Dollars

Example voicemail to leave when searching out repeat or new business.



How to Book a Service Call



Off Season New Maintenance Sign up for Bi-weekly account that needs an immediate filter clean and grids.

Email terms of service via DocuSign, once returned place payment information on file.

  • Create filter clean recurring task.
    • Reassign via the scheduling tab to tech so we can close out/invoice/collect money.
  • Create work order and fill out line items.
    • Assign to tech so we can close out/invoice/collect money.
  • Create recurring biweekly task starting on the 1st official day of service.
    • Expire the recurring biweekly task on the last day of march.
  • Create recurring weekly task starting on April 1st, do not expire this task.

Go to customer details and assign the route to the appropriate tech and fill in the customer type and service profile

By following these steps, you have ensured that all aspects of the new customers’ needs are handled as well as the recurring task is on auto pilot for the spring. We do not want to go back and verify every customer needing to switch from bi weekly to weekly in the spring. This prevents the extra steps in the future.