Our Core Values

  1. Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.
  2. Embrace diversity as an essential component in the way we do business.
  3. Apply the highest standards of excellence in Service.
  4. Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time.
  5. Contribute positively to our communities and our environment.
  6. Recognize that profitability is essential to our future success.


Our Performance

  • At TBPS, performance is measured on the basis of these core values. The information is translated into a scorecard and readily shared with Leads & managers, who in tum brainstorm ways to continually improve. All decisions are driven by these core values. The result? TBPS has enjoyed extraordinary growth and is widely recognized as a high-performing company, even during times of economic turbulence.


Our Slogan

  • Must have 3 WINS”

    • Customer must WIN
    • Employee must WIN
    • Company must WIN

Other Thoughts

  • We have customers that are “3%ers”
    • Customer that we do not want to do work for
    • Senior management decides who is 3%ers
    • DO NOT ALLOW 3%ers to do back reviews…. 🙂 Good Luck
  • Bad News is NOT like a Fine A Fine Wine ” Bad News do not get better with age”
    • ISSUES… Keep Track Of … Report… Resolve
    • Loose an Issue…. Loose a customer
    • It is Issues Management…