Start to finish – Setting up a new weekly customer:

  • Add customer to Ion via the customer tab.
  • Create work orders (tech / tracking queue).
  • Monitor close out of job via the schedule, contact tech and customer once job has been completed and close out notes added.
  • Send terms of service via Docusign and input payment method in Quick books once quote is approved.
  • Set up recurring weekly task for the tech and recurring filter cleaning task for the tracking queue.
  • Close tracking work order confirming you have placed on service.
  • Collect prorated amount for the month via the accounting tab.



Start to Finish – Setting up a Service Call and Tech Quote

  • Go to the customer account via the customer tab.
  • Go to the work order tab and add work order, schedule a service call using the service call template.
  • Inform customer to accept the work order once it’s been emailed acknowledging the service fee
  • Monitor close out of job via the schedule.
  • Either you create a tech quote or the tech does using the tech quote template via the work order tab on the customer account.
  • Follow up with the customer and inform them to accept the quote.
  • Once job has been accepted it will release to the schedule for the tech to perform.
  • Use the accounting tab to push invoice to quick books and collect payment.
  • If the quote is declined it will state it has been and will not release to the schedule.