Initial Web Connect Set Up within Server

Go to within the Server –> Admin –> Quickbooks Web Connect –> Type in the email you would like download file and password to go to.

Launch Quickbooks inside the server –> Choose File drop down menu –> choose update web services –> select okay on certificate window –> The web connector will pop up, may have to wait a minute –> choose add application on bottom right –> choose the file you downloaded earlier –> add the password from the email –> click yes to save password

Troubleshooting tips.

Once you’ve added the password, if you get stuck in the password field and are unable to save the password- click outside the password box but within the Web Connect window to prompt the save password option. If that doesn’t work – click the far left check mark box within the Web Connect window to prompt the save password option.

Error code: QBWC1039: unique ownerID/FileID pair value required.

  • If this happens, open the QBWC file you downloaded inside notepad and change one number in the OwnerID/FileID lines. Doesn’t matter what number you change just change one number on each line to a new single digit number. Click save and the repeat the steps mentioned above for set up.


Update Aborted Error

In the event you receive an error saying Update Aborted –  account locked on (set date) by machine #(set machine)

Contact Right Network @

(888) 417-4448 (ext 2 – then ext 5)

Request they perform a Web Connect unlock.


A locked file status is caused by a loss of power or internet access during a push to Quickbooks.