Type: (calhypo)

Abbreviation: (cl)

Parameters: (3-5ppm)

Weight: 16oz = 1lb


16oz(1lb) per 10,000 gallons raises cl 10ppm

Ex: if Chlorine reading = 2ppm & gallons = 20,000 then 2lbs will raise cl 10ppm so 1lb will raise cl 5ppm.


Type: (sodium bicarbonate)(bicarb)(baking soda)

Abbreviation: (alk)

Parameters: (80-120ppm)

Weight: 7oz = 1lb


10oz per 10,000 gallons will raise alk 10ppm

Ex: if Alkalinity reading = 40ppm & gallons = 20,000 then 20oz will raise alk 10ppm. Alk should be atleast 100ppm so increase alk by 60ppm meaning you need 120oz to go from 40ppm to 100ppm.

Cyanuric Acid

Type: (cyanuric acid)(conditioner)(stabilizer)

Abbreviation: Cya

Parameters: (40-60ppm)

Weight: 16oz = 1lb


48oz(3lbs) per 4,000 gallons will raise cya 40ppm

Ex: if your cya = 0ppm & your gallons = 20,000 then you need 240oz (15lbs) to raise cya 40ppm.

20,000 divided by 4,000 = 5

5 x 3lbs =15lbs


Parameters: (7.4 – 7.6)

Type: Muriatic acid

Notes: Muriatic acid simply lowers your ph, I just add in increments of 32 ounces based on my ph reading. Target goal is 7.6. Reference the back of your taylor test kit book for accurate dosage amounts. That’s the easiest way to do that.

Diatamaceous Earth:

Abbreviation: DE

Weight: 44oz = 1lb

Uses: recharges DE and Quad DE filters after backwashing.

Notes: DE filters and Quad DE filters are to be backwashed and recharged once per month, twice if needed. See filter sqft parameters on label to determine recharge amount.

Grid DE sizes are 36sqft, 48sqft, 60sqft, 72sqft  Quad DE sizes vary hut follow the guidlines of 400sqft, 500sqft, 600sqft etc…

Do NOT add DE to a regular cartridge or sand filter.

Backwashable Filters:

Sand Filters: backwash every week for 1 minute and 35 seconds, if applicable via multiport valve, once backwash is complete, rinse them for 10 seconds, waste them for 10 seconds, then place back in filter.

DE and Quad DE Filters: backwash for 35 seconds, place in filter for 6 seconds, backwash again for 35 seconds, place back in filter again for 6 seconds, backwash a final time for 35 seconds then place back in filter. Liquify your DE and recharge the filter via the skimmer. On Quad DE filters you MUST liquify the DE before recharging.

Extra Chemical Notes:

Always fix your alkalinity before you fix your ph. If the alk is low and ph is high fix the alk then adjust ph the following week. If the pool is large enough you can add bicarb to one end of the pool and acid to the other.

Do NOT add bicarb and acid in the same location or at the same time in a small pool. They will cancel each other out.

If your alkalinity is too high, turn the pool off and add acid to one spot in the deep end. One bottle of acid will lower your alkalinity 50ppm on average.


Do NOT mix your chemicals, this can lead to chlorine gas inhalation, burns, and fires. Use seperate scoops and container’s to transport your chemicals too and from your truck. Please see the proper truck bed layout in your employee handbook for a reference guide.

Ways to avoid safety hazards:

Keep your cya based items seperate from your chlorines. Cya based items are cya, trichlor, and tabs. Chlorine items are sodium bromine, tabs, and calhypo shock.

Keep your liquid acids(muriatic acid) away from your chlorines.

WASH your hands after handling chemicals.

Do not use the same scoop in different chemical buckets.

Do not grab tabs with one hand and chlorine shock with the same hand.

Do not add acid down the skimmer.

Hold your breath when opening inline autochlorinators

Do not breath in Diatamaceous Earth.


All of this is very important, its been a hard week and we appreciate the effort you guys put in. Have a great weekend and let me know if you have any questions.

Sean Pace

General Manager

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