Jandy Manufacturing

Warranty Representative
Lucas Prader – (469)968-6877

Warranty Request Form

  • 1 year – pool light/spa light, Motor, Autochlorinator
  • 2 years on whole good items – excludes pool/spa lights
    • Whole goods defined: Pump, Filter, Booster Pump, Control System, Salt System/Cell.
  • 3 years w/purchase of 3 whole good items. Excludes pool/spa lights


Pentair Manufacturing

Warranty Representative

Jeff Brown (warranty coordinator) – Dallas






  • 1 year warranty on whole good items
    • Whole goods defined: Pump, Filter, Booster Pump, Control System, Salt System/Cell, Pool/spa lights, motors
  • 2 years on heater



  • We do not work with Hayward warranty.


Labor Warranty

  • 90 days


Selling Point

Table of Contents

Warranty presentation to customer as selling point.

  • We act as liaison to all manufacturing warranty.
  • If the product fails during its warranty the customer can call us and we’ll reach out to manufacturer to schedule their visit.
  • No red tape when trying to resolve issue and we can have someone out typically with in 2-3 days.
  • Tech will instruct customer on how to register their product on site.
  • If they spring a leak or other related labor warranties we will move them to the top of our priority list to resolve under 90 day labor warranty


Warranty Submissions

Must include the following:

  • Name of Tech and Company that installed.
  • Date of install.
  • Customer address and contact information.
  • Serial number on part installed.
  • What the issue is.