Understanding Queues:

  • Queues are the place you assign a job to be performed
  • They can be defined as a technician such as a pool cleaner or repair tech as well as a holding queue.
  • Some examples of holding queues:
    • 1eQ Weekly New – FT WORTH or 3aQ PPC/FC TASKS DALLAS.
  • Queues labeled in this manor are used for tracking information on the schedule.
    • If you see jobs in 3aQ PPC/FC TASKS DALLAS it means there are jobs needing to be scheduled or tracked for quality that corresponds with the Pool Protection Club or Filter Cleanings.
    • if you see jobs in 1eQ Weekly New – FT WORTH it means a tech has performed a new weekly evaluation and we need to follow up.
  • We have multiple different types of holding/tracking queues in our system, all with a purpose based on their title. This way we can always monitor the status of a job or know when jobs are due according to the recurring frequency.