Truck Setup 2 – PDF

Truck Setup 2 – PPTX

Safety – Do’s

  1. Ensure all chemicals in trucks & on work-site are in appropriate closed containers.
  2. All containers should be marked with contents
  3. All buckets should have their own scoops and you should use a separate set of scoops to transport chemicals
  4. In the event a chemical reaction occurs, immediately contact your supervisor for instructions.
  5. Add water to your DE (only DE is applicable) to saturate so that it isn’t breathable.
  6. Wash your hands after handling all chemicals.
  7. Pull over before texting if you don’t have hands free device, call if you’re unable.


Safety – Don’t

Do NOT text while driving.


  • Do not mix Calhypo with Cyanuric Acid, Tabs, Bicarb, Muriatic Acid, Granular 90, or Yellowtrine


Muriatic Acid

  • Do not mix acid with Calhypo, Tabs, Granular 90, Yellowtrine or Bicarb.
  • Do not put acid down the skimmer line.
  • Acid should be upright in an enclosed container, don’t let it fall over and leak.



  • Don’t place tabs in the skimmer, place inside the auto-chlorinator or floater.


Diatamaceous Earth

  • Never breath in DE



  • Do not wash salt away into the grass, it will kill the effected area.


Granular 90

  • Do not add granular 90 directly to pool, must go through skimmer line (ensure it isn’t the in-floor system.)



  • Do not add down the skimmer line.

Never stand downwind from where you’re adding chemicals.
Don’t mix your chemicals up in general to be safe.

Safety Guide PDF

APSP Chemical Safety.pdf