Tropic Island Pools – Algae Preventative Program – $32.50

First and foremost, if you are receiving this email, we recommend you participate in this program. See below for additional information. 

Why is the Program necessary?

Texas weather this year has been extreme. It has been more difficult than normal to balance the water in your pool.

For example, June rainfall: 
DFW – Average= 3.7in / Actual = 8.44in
Houston – Average = 3.82in / Actual = 7.19in

Good News – Our Landscapes are green. 
Bad News – Our Pool water is struggling.

Our “Algae Preventative Program” will address…
1/ The extreme dilution of chemicals from rain.
2/ Increased Phosphate levels from excess storm debris and flourishing landscapes. 
Note: Algae is a plant that feeds on phosphates. 

What does the Program include?

Essentially we will need to add a few of the uncommon chemicals to your pool to combat the serious dilution your pool has encountered. It is causing chemical destabilization and (possible) algae issues that are very difficult to resolve, as some of you have already seen.

This program includes:
1/ Phosphate remover (retail cost $25.59 pint)
2/ Algae preventative treatment (retail cost $19.99) 
3/ Stabilizer. (retail cost $25.99 4 lbs)
We use stabilizer to hold chlorine levels in the water.
This year, with all the rain, stabilizer has been significantly diluted.

Do I have to participate in this Program?

No. If you would not like to participate, simply call the office.

If you are receiving this email, we are proactively enrolling you in the program.
We will bill your account $32.50 + tax on Monday, July 24th.

Once again, if you would not like to participate, simply call the office and we will credit the cost back to you.

Thank You for being a valued Customer!

Call us if you have any questions.

Tropic Island Pools Service Team